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Premium Kit & Home

Forces Plan Premium Kit & Home insurance provides generous cover for service people who live with their families in SFA, private homes or similar, anywhere in the world.

  • Military kit and home contents
  • Personal effects, gadgets and sports equipment
  • Removals, transit and student belongings
  • Liability covers, Domestic helpline, Legal protection
  • Accidental damage and new for old replacement

Worldwide cover for your whole family

Take advantage of great value cover designed to include everything you're likely to need in a military kit and contents insurance policy. Here are just some of the policy highlights.

Standard excess£50
Home contents£75,000 sum insured
Loss or damage to household goods, military kit, personal effects and valuables while they are in the home. This section is automatically included.
Home contents includes the following:
Military kit
Permanent and temporary issue kit on personal charge to you. Service uniforms, mess kit and equipment of a military nature purchased and owned by you.
It excludes damage caused during cleaning, dismantling or maintenance.
Household goods, fixtures, fittings, interior decorations
Includes tenant's fixtures, soft furnishings and accidental damage to mirrors, glass and oven doors.
Personal effects inc gadgets
Clothes and items of a personal nature (likely to be worn, used or carried) when they are in the home. This includes spectacles, contact lenses, portable gadgets such as radios, phones and tablets, bicycles and sports equipment.
Cover also includes £1,000 for the personal effects of visitors and domestic staff.
Valuables40% sum insured
Including jewellery, watches, medals, cameras and camcorders.
Single article limit: 20% of contents sum insured.
Including cash, cheques, vouchers, premium bonds, travel tickets and pre-booked entertainment tickets. Excludes credit/debit cards and lottery tickets.
Credit card liability£1,000
Liability for unauthorised use of your credit card, cheque/debit card or cash dispenser card.
Entertainment equipment
Including TVs, DVDs, satellite/cable receivers, aerials and dishes, computers and laptops.
Frozen food
Emergency entry
Replacement locks£1,000
Temporary removal of home contents
Student belongings
Covers belongings in the room of full time students boarding away from home for educational purposes. £2,500 limit for theft.
Alternative accommodationUp to 20% sum insured
Business equipment£5,000
Computers and equipment used solely for business or trade. Includes £500 stock. Excludes loss of data, money, documents.
Professional storage, removals and transit
Garden cover including plants£5,000
Religious festivals, weddings & civil partnership cover10% extra for 30 days before and after event
Liability to domestic staff£10 million
Tenant's liability where applicable20% sum insured
Licence to Occupy liability£20,000
Automatically included if you live in SFA/SSFA. This specialist military cover is vital for tenants of service accommodation. Covering you for damage to your MOD property, you will not find this cover included in standard civilian policies.
Liability to the public£2 million
Unrecovered damages£2 million
24hr domestic and legal helplines
Family legal protection£50,000
Personal possessions away from home (optional)£500 - £15,000
Worldwide cover for loss or damage to military kit, personal effects, valuables and money.
Single unspecified item limit: sum insured or £10,000 (whichever is lower).
Personal possessions includes the following:
Military kit£10,000
Permanent issue kit single article limit: £10,000
Temporary issue kit single article limit: £1,500; total limit per claim: £4,000
Personal effects inc gadgets
Clothes and items of a personal nature (likely to be worn, used or carried) when they are away from home. This includes spectacles, contact lenses, portable gadgets such as radios, phones and tablets, bicycles and sports equipment.
Credit card liability£1,000

Notable exclusions

Unoccupied or unattended property
Theft from an unattended vehicle unless secure and out of sight
Damage caused by pets or vermin
Mechanical breakdown or data loss
Depreciation or wear and tear
Vehicles and watercraft

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Adjust cover at any time

We know that your circumstances can change at short notice, so whether you're in the UK, on manoeuvres or deployed on ops, you can adapt your cover at any time without paying a penalty.

Monthly Direct Debit & no renewals!

Enjoy greater affordability with easy monthly Direct Debit payments at no extra charge.

And, to make life even easier, Forces Plan policies renew on a rolling monthly contract - meaning you never need the hassle of annual insurance renewals. Just set it up once and you'll receive a monthly email confirming when payment will be made. It's that simple!

Need buildings insurance too?

If you are a homeowner living in the UK, we can offer our extensive Cherish Home Insurance policy. This includes unlimited buildings and contents cover, plus a special HM Forces extension to give you the best of both worlds! Find out more.

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