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Forces Plan Kit Essentials

Kit Essentials insurance is our entry-level military cover, typically suitable for single and unaccompanied married people in Single Living Accommodation or similar.

  • Permanent & temporary issue military kit
  • Personal property including gadgets and room contents
  • Money, valuables and sports equipment
  • Licence to Occupy Liability and Public Liability
  • Accidental damage and new for old replacement

Worldwide cover for your personal property

With a choice of cover options you will be able to build a policy to suit your needs. Here's what can be included.

Standard excess£50
Military kit£2,000 - £10,000
This cover is automatically included unless you are a civilian.
Permanent and temporary issue kit on personal charge to you. Service uniforms, mess kit and equipment of a military nature purchased and owned by you. It excludes damage caused during cleaning, dismantling or maintenance.
Personal property£0 to £15,000
Worldwide cover for all of the following is included, provided that they belong to you or you are legally responsible for them.
Single article limit: £2,500 or the sum insured if you have chosen lower cover.
Personal property includes the following:
Household goods
Contents kept in your room or quarter such as entertainment equipment, TV, bedding and interior decorations.
Money£500 per claim
Including cash, cheques, vouchers, premium bonds, travel tickets and pre-booked entertainment tickets. Excludes credit/debit cards and lottery tickets.
Personal effects
Clothes and items of a personal nature likely to be worn, used or carried. For example, spectacles, portable gadgets such as radios, phones and tablets, sports equipment and bicycles.
Includes jewellery, articles containing precious metals such as gold and silver, watches, works of art and collections of stamps, coins or medals.
Bicycles£150 - £2,000
A single bike up to £150 is included within Personal property. You can choose to extend this up to £2,000 if required.
Theft is included only if the bicycle has been adequately secured.
Credit card liability£1,000 per claim
Liability for unauthorised use of your credit card, cheque/debit card or cash dispenser card.
Liability cover
The following liability cover is included:
Licence to Occupy liability£20,000
Automatically included if you live in MOD accommodation. This specialist military cover is vital for tenants of service accommodation. Covering you for damage to your MOD property, you will not find this cover included in standard civilian policies.
Public Liability£2 million
Pays for costs and expenses arising if you become liable to pay compensation for accidental death or damage to property. Action must be taken against you from within the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Notable exclusions

Unoccupied or unattended property
Theft from an unattended vehicle unless secure and out of sight
Damage caused by pets or vermin
Mechanical breakdown or data loss
Depreciation or wear and tear

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Adjust cover at any time

We know that your circumstances can change at short notice, so whether you're in the UK, on manoeuvres or deployed on ops, you can adapt your cover at any time without paying a penalty.

Monthly Direct Debit & no renewals!

Enjoy greater affordability with easy monthly Direct Debit payments at no extra charge.

And, to make life even easier, Forces Plan policies renew on a rolling monthly contract - meaning you never need the hassle of annual insurance renewals. Just set it up once and you'll receive a monthly email confirming when payment will be made. It's that simple!

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