who can buy Forces Plan insurance?

Forces Plan military insurance is available exclusively to all serving members of HM British Armed Forces including the Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, reservists and attached civilian personnel.

Wherever you live, you'll find our costs competitive:

  • living with your parents
  • in barrack accommodation
  • in single living accommodation
  • in service families accommodation
  • in a rented home (furnished or unfurnished)
  • in your own home

No penalties for warzone deployment

Unlike most civilian policies, Forces Plan's premiums are not calculated on where you live. So you won't end up paying extra even if you are deployed to an area of hostilities. UK residents, however, will need to pay Insurance Premium Tax (currently 9.5%).

Other great deals for ex-service members

Although retired members of the British armed services are not eligible for Forces Plan insurance, we can still offer some great civilian insurance deals. Contact us now to find out more.