contents hints and tips

Do you have the right amount of contents insurance?

Did you know that if you live in a 3 bedroom home with 2 children, you will almost certainly have at least £30,000 of household possessions? This may sound a lot, but many people don't realise quite how much their contents are worth.

Even if you live in single living quarters or similar, you probably still have electrical items, bedding and other household items that, when combined, could cost more than you'd expect.

It's important to check periodically that you are fully covered. If you underinsure, you may not be paid in full if you make a claim.

What are household contents?

All of your possessions which normally stay in your home should be regarded as household contents. Here's a list of common items to give you an idea:

Floor coverings: carpet and rugs

Furniture: tables, chairs, stools, sofas, cabinets, sideboards, bookcases, bedroom furniture

Soft furnishings: curtains and their fittings, cushions

Electrical appliances: televisions, personal computers, video recorders, stereos, CD players, DVD players, satellite receivers, telephones, playstations/gaming consoles

Household appliances: cooker, fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, electrical goods, heaters

Kitchen items: cooking utensils, cutlery, china, glass, food, drink

Valuables: gold and silver articles, jewellery, furs, pictures, clocks, watches, cameras, ornaments, collections of stamps or medals

Miscellaneous: sports equipment, books, pedal cycles, records, CDs, tapes, DVDs, toys, musical instruments

Garden & DIY: garden furniture, lawn mowers, ladders, power tools

Household linen: table linen, towels, bedding (deduct amount for wear, tear and depreciation)

Clothing (deduct amount for wear, tear and depreciation)

You don't need to include issued or purchased uniforms and kit or your temporary issue service equipment because these are already covered elsewhere within Forces Plan.

Calculate your household contents

To avoid underinsuring, try this simple exercise to work out your estimated contents value. It may take a little time to do, but you'll be surprised at how quickly it all adds up.

Step 1:Click to download a contents calculator sheet (pdf). This lists all of the items you should take into account for each room.
Step 2: Walk around your home and jot down an approximate replacement value of all the items for each room. You may have other items which aren't listed; don't forget to add them too!
Step 3:Simply add up the totals to give you an estimated overall value of your contents.

You can also download the contents calculator sheet in Microsoft Excel format which will automatically add up the value as you go.

Forces Plan makes contents insurance easy

If you have up to 5 bedrooms, Forces Plan automatically insures your contents for £60,000 (the premium is calculated on the number of bedrooms). If you have 1 or 2 bedrooms you can reduce this cover to a lower figure, which will usually reduce your premium.

By offering you £60,000 cover as standard, you may not need to increase your cover every time you buy an expensive item for your home. However, we do recommend that you assess the value of your contents from time to time, just to make sure you are adequately covered.

If you have 6+ bedrooms or need over £60,000 cover:

No problem - we can tailor the cover to meet your needs. All we ask is that you complete the contents calculator sheet and then contact us.